Meet The Trainers

Welcome to The Compound! Where mind and muscle unite to create the perfect environment for anyone who is serious about fitness. To us, fitness is about building a community and creating bonds that manufacture hope for those ready to give up, instill confidence in those who lack self-esteem, and harnessing the power that resides within all of us. 


Kim Soto

Fitness Trainer

Fitness literally saved Kimberly’s life!

The freedom and daily challenge that running created was enough to motivate Kim to take her health into her own hands. She refused to become another victim of fate. Instead, she chose to overcome her circumstances and aspire to help as many people as possible each day of her life.

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Abel Trejo

Fitness Trainer

 Abel’s journey started when he first joined the military. He was 6’2 weighing roughly 160lbs. Eventually he got sick of being the tall skinny guy so he found his life’s passion when he started working out. Now, almost 100lbs of muscle mass later, Abel is striving to compete in olympic lifting, bodybuilding, and CrossFit games.

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Anthony Ruiz created The Compound with one goal: To bridge the gap between muscle and mind. He desires to create a place where people can come in and feel that each person within those walls is family.His vision and drive brought the concept of The Compound to life.

Founder and Trainer

Anthony Ruiz

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Kevin’s fitness journey started his freshman year of college. After being overweight his entire life, he decided it was time to make a change. The goal of simply losing weight turned into a passion that changed his life. Now, he’s working toward a degree in physical therapy, personal training and getting ready for bodybuilding competitions.

Fitness Trainer

Kevin Broadbent

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Alis Turned to fitness after having her Son. She was dedicated and driven to loosing her postpartum weight. She was on a mission but, fell in love with the process and made it into a lifestyle. Now she is helping others reach there fitness goals and share her passion with all those around her.

Fitness Trainer

Alis Roman

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Nelson started his journey 10 years ago. After seeing himself at its lowest point physically he decided to take action to improve his overall health and hasn’t looked back since. 
His goal now is to bring a vibe and energy that everyone could feed off to improve. 

Fitness Trainer

Nelson Leonardo 

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Our facility is designed with one thing in mind: Our Members. We made sure to focus on the details in order to show the level of excellence we believe everyone deserves when walking into The Compound.