The early bird gets the worm! Waking up early isn’t always that simple, but we wouldn’t be The Compound Team if we didn’t challenge you. Getting to the gym early and joining the 4 AM tone setter crew has multiple health benefits. It's a open gym with our personal trainers.


Health Benefits in joining the am Tone Setters

1. You will become more focused

2. It will increase your metabolism

3. You will have better long-term results

4. You will be more productive 

5. You will sleep better

Joining the AM crew will challenge you in all aspects of working out. Beginner or not, you will learn how to motivate yourself and create self discipline. Each day a new circuit is created by our trainers to make sure you're getting a killer workout. Our trainers will make sure that you have worked on all body parts by the end of the week.
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Nelson Leonardo


Nelson started his journey 10 years ago. After seeing himself at its lowest point physically he decided to take action to improve his overall health and hasn’t looked back since. 

His goal now is to bring a vibe and energy that everyone could feed off to improve. 

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Alis Roman


Alis Turned to fitness after having her Son. She was dedicated and driven to losing her postpartum weight. She was on a mission but, fell in love with the process and made it into a lifestyle. Now she is helping others reach their fitness goals and share her passion with all those around her.

Whether you consider yourself a morning person or not, we urge you to come try our  AM Tone Setter Crew! You don’t have to pay an extra fee to have access to our  knowledgeable staff. Consider this as a gift from us, We want all of our members to win. Come Try it out!